In early August of this year we lost my dad, Tom Jennings, after a long illness. Janet headed a team of nighttime caregivers, having organized a group of wonderful support for my dad and our whole family at a very sad and stressful time for us.

Janet quickly established a rapport with Dad, sharing his love of jokes, family stories, and intelligent conversation. Her presence in my parent's house was a bright light in all of our days. She is not only a skilled and compassionate caregiver, but was sensitive to my parents wishes and desires, supporting them but in no way attempting to change or influence them.

Janet kept careful records, organizing a notebook with all relevant phone numbers...doctors,nurses, pharmacies, emergency numbers, prescription doses and times and calendar of appointments.

Janet was always there for us, willing to adjust her schedule to help us handle things, pick up food, equipment or prescriptions in town to make things easier for us. My whole family appreciates Janet so much for her friendship, support and professional care giving that she provided for us and for Dad.

With Aloha, Karen Jennings