My husband suffered a disabling stroke in April of 2001. Due to my age and ability, it became necessary to hire a caregiver to help me handle the daily duties necessary in caring for my husband. I feel very fortunate to have met and hired Janet Serafica.

Janet has always proven herself to be a trustworthy, dependable hard worker who goes beyond expectation in seeing that she gives my husband the best care possible. Not only is she meticulous about his daily care, she takes great interest in challenging him in areas such as conversation,walking, reading, self care etc. She is self-motivated and has taken him on outings (scheduling the medical bus and travelling along with it) just to make sure he has every opportunity for stimulation and adventure. She has also taken it upon herself to make meals for us and helps keep our home orderly, (which goes a long way in easing my stress).

Janet is invaluable to us and exhibits the type of enthusiasm and dependability that makes her an excellent choice for a home care provider.

Sincerely, Elsie Merriman