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Deeply Appreciates
Ronald and Ellen from Wailuku
The Family of Natsuko deeply apreciates and gratefully acknowledges your kind expression of sympahty. Janet your are an Angel.
Posted at 12:32:pm 08/15/12
Thank You
Karen, Jim, Kathy from Wailea
Thank You for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated.
Posted at 12:23:pm 08/15/12
Very Grateful
Robert and Irene from Makawao
Your heart is very giving and mine is very grateful. Thank you for the help and kind support you provided.

Robert, Irene, Stuart.
Posted at 1:15:pm 07/30/12
The Angels at Caring Hands
Don T from Oahu
Janet and all the Angels at Caring Hands Maui. Thank you very much for all the help that all of you gave to my mom during her final days.

Don and Family
Posted at 6:22:pm 05/31/12
This email is long overdue to you
Brad from Montana
I want to thank you and Janet again for all your help while I was in Maui. We had such a good time while we were there. I have attached that photo I promised that shows a torpedo exploding on Kahoolawe. We still talk about the great pineapple and that monster avocado.
We had some nice days lately that made it into the 70s. Thats really good for Montana in April. My tan has faded quite a bit since Maui so I will have to start over again. My daughter wants to spend her 30th birthday in Honolulu next March so we will go there next year. She has a college friend there who is a local and might be working for the police department soon. This is Hawaii in the fast lane not like Maui and being more relaxed.
I am sending you and Janet some huckleberry products for a little taste of the wilds of Montana. There is some jelly, preserves, bbq sauce, syrup, daiquiri mix and some lip balm. I hope you enjoy these. They will ship out today and they thought around 7-10 days for shipping. Please let me know when they have arrived. Would you contact Gina for me please and let her know a package is on the way to her also.
Thank you again Janet for all your help and being such a nice person with my friends and wife. Your kindness will not be forgotten.
Posted at 10:32:am 05/24/12
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Mission Statement

" It is our mission at Caring Hands Maui to provide professionally qualified and compassionate nursing care while maintaining your privacy, dignity, and independence at home. "


"The staff at Caring Hands exemplifies the finest qualities of home health care professionals."


"I have been Janet's supervisor for the past ten years and hold her work to the highest standards."


" Being a nurse with Hospice Maui. Janet is one of the first private duty nurses I call to provide quality end of life nursing care. "



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